Potential massages and some advantages and disadvantages of using Massage Chairs

Massage is used to relieve one from body stress by using hands, fingers, arms, knees, forearms or feet. It is used for manipulating soft tissues. In the old age, massage was only supposed to be given to one human by another. But with the increase in knowledge and continuous knock of human mindset for hit-and-trial for making life as easy as possible, a robotic and highly computerized massage chairs are now available in markets.

Types of Massage Chairs

Variety of massages are programmed in different types of massage chairs. Some of these includes:

 Kneading massage pattern– a type of massage in which the rollers implanted in massage chair moves in circles.This type of massaging movements falls under the category of petrissage movements. But such type of kneading massage should be avoided when a person is showing signs of internal severe injury including inflammation, hernia or appendicitis etc.

 Rolling massage pattern-in this technique, the rollers moves vertically up and down the back of person. The purpose of this pattern is to relax the muscular knots and obstructions built up in smooth muscles. The skin on the dorsal surface of human is rolled upwards with the desired pressure pre-programmed by the person and then rolled downwards. It reduces stress and lighten the body. This pattern also falls under petrissage movements.

 Tapping massage pattern-also known as tapotement movements. Massage chairs gives this pattern of massage by making the rollers and nodes move in alternate fashion against the backrest to give a particular ‘karate chop’ effect. It is very much recommended for people having back pain caused by long hours of sitting on uncomfortable chairs.

 Gripping massage pattern-as the name indicates, this technique simulate human hand grips around arms, feet and legs. A certain pressure is built by the massage chairs around these parts of body to give a relaxing sensations.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Massage Chairs


  • Getting a massage at home and without facing any person to person interaction is all you need after a tiring day. And massage chair can provide you this leisure with no excuses. Some major advantages of massage are discussed below:
  • It improves the flow of blood at the stressed area which in turn improves whole blood circulation and increase the absorption of nutrients and oxygen from blood by tissues and muscles.
  • Massage intends to release muscle tension and stress. By using the right massage technique, you can get rid of all the stiffness and cramps you got from your hectic routine.
  • A good massage relieves all pressure from spine and vertebrate column. All major nerves are running on the back of human and when a stress is develop on these, a throbbing pain starts which makes you unable to do anything anymore. By lying in a comforting massage chair and having rollers moving back and forth, you can easily escape the pain zone.


  • As there is not a single thing in this world which is perfect so how a massage chair can be! There are some disadvantages associated with this machine. Some of the major ones are:
  •  It is said that a machine can never completely take over a human place. It is rightly said that. No matter how efficient a massage chair can get, there are some ailments which only be get cured by a trained professional.
  •  Human body is very complex and so the parts of it. There are many region on human body where a massage chair can’t get its hands on and therefore a trained human is required to ease the pain.
  •  There are many limitation on massage chairs which makes them restrict for using by more than few persons. For example, a weight restriction. If one person buys a massage chair and placed it in home then its most likely that many other people cannot use it just because a chair claims them to be overweight for using it.