Juicing has gained so much popularity these days. People across the world upload their pictures with their organic cold press juice bottles and share their healthy routines. Juicing is one of the healthiest habits that provide a healthy lifestyle. Cold press juice contains all the enzymes, vitamins and nutrients of fruit or vegetable in its original form. Cold press juicer is the best choice if you love yourself and follow a healthy routine. The extract comes from this juicer can be stored up to 72 hours (isn’t it awesome?). This means you don’t need to make juice again and again; it can save your time as well as electricity.

Before buying a juicer, you need to clear about your need. What is your requirement? Why you need a cold press juicer? This can make help you in choosing the right one. There are some features you should investigate while purchasing a new cold press juicer.

The first thing which comes into mind before buying anything is money of course. We search for what is affordable for us. So, first search online and set your estimated budget accordingly. You should look for quality product as it’s a long run investment.

The second thing which is an essential requirement is your health. Don’t ever compromise on it. Juice from Cold press juicer is rich in nutrients. The goal of this machine is to maintain all the nutritional values of fruit and vegetable in the form of juice.

Juicing is a healthy fun but there are other factors as well. Cleaning is such an important thing you should note while buying. It should b easy to clean and no extra complex parts to take care of.

Cold press juicers are the one used in houses. They are the part of our daily life. But there are some features we ignore at first. Noise is one of them. Nobody like the juicer which makes so much noise (it is so irritating isn’t it?). You should check this out before buying.

Don’t get impress with the high speed. Higher the speed lowers the nutrients. Mostly cold press juicer has low speed, and this is the reason it maintains all the energy in its original form. So, don’t go for high speed, maybe I can save your time, but your drink won’t be that healthy as it should be.

The other important point to be noted is the size. You should search the cold press juicer according to your kitchen counter space. If you have a small kitchen area, then don’t go for heavy models. How can we forget the length of wire? Well how would you be able to use the juicer if the wire doesn’t reach to the switch. We usually ignore this factor but remember this is something very important.

Juicing is love for all the health-conscious people. Before buying the cold press juicer, you need to set your priorities first and then shop accordingly. Happy juicing !